Clustrix Continues Social App Momentum With Hit Labs Deployment

Popular Bubble Group Messenger App Migrates to Self-Managing ClustrixDB to Scale Write-heavy Workload

Clustrix, the provider of the world’s leading scale-out SQL database announced that Hit Labs, the company behind the Bubble Group Messaging app, has deployed ClustrixDB. This announcement adds Hit Labs to a dynamic list of social applications that have moved from Amazon Aurora and other MySQL derivatives to ClustrixDB due to its ability to scale well beyond the alternatives, without sharding or master-slave configurations, and without sacrificing any ACID properties.

With ClustrixDB, Hit Labs saved six to eight months of development time for the equivalent cost of hiring a DBA. Due to their rapidly growing community of users, they were concerned that their Amazon Aurora environment would not easily scale to meet user demand. ClustrixDB’s ability to automatically scale and manage itself makes it a natural choice for social application development teams that need to focus on innovative new features and the user experience instead of database management.

“My big question was how does ClustrixDB compare to hiring a DBA,” said Zach Mangum, CEO and Co-founder, Hit Labs. “The cost was comparable, but we could get our new features to market faster without the associated opportunity costs of postponing the features. We had a top-notch team that worked well together, why risk bringing someone else in? In this case, I much prefer to hire a technology than a person.”

According to TJ Hunter, a Hit Labs co-founder who functions as their CTO, there are several reasons why ClustrixDB was the right choice:

  • MySQL Drop-In Replacement – because Bubble was written using MySQL syntax with a lot of MySQL-specific features
  • Fast Time-to-Market – requiring only a few minutes of configuration changes, minor application code changes and a few days’ of data integrity and performance testing to get up and running
  • Self-managing Operations – to scale on-demand, Hit Labs can just add a node and ClustrixDB will do the rest with minimal or no DBA intervention
  • Simplified Application Code – in addition to not having to shard, Hit Labs was able to drop some MySQL-specific workarounds
  • Quality Support and Documentation – very easy to setup and configure with excellent documentation and support
  • Freedom to Innovate – Hit Labs can focus on applications that will enhance the individual user’s experience and not worry about load and application charting

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