Customer Success Story: ShortStack

shortstack case study


ShortStack is a cutting edge SaaS platform for Facebook that helps individuals and organizations publish rich and engaging Facebook apps, allowing anyone to run contests, promotions, sweepstakes, and more. Critical to the application’s success is the database.

With ClustrixDB, ShortStack could grow without downtime, simply by adding nodes. Also, without any other intervention ClustrixDB stays available through hardware failures and heals itself by regenerating copies of lost data automatically after a failure.

Given the organic nature of promotions on Facebook, ShortStack sees significant spikes in usage where traffic can double or quadruple at any time. The ability to scale up quickly and handle larger loads is essential, something ShortStack is able to achieve with ClustrixDB.

“Users would complain when the app was slow or not responding. The better performance of the app prevents people from unsubscribing and moving to other competitors. The app definitely runs faster now, part of that is that the app was moved but the database is responding much faster.”

- Doug Churchill, Lead Developer, ShortStack