Customer Success Story: Twoo

twoo case study

With over 30 million users, is Europe’s leading social discovery site. Twoo runs the world’s largest scale-out SQL deployment, with 4.4 billion transactions a day—without a full-time DBA.

ClustrixDB™ has seamlessly supported the exponential growth in Twoo users and new application features, expanding from 24 to 168 cores over the past 3 years. With this kind of scale-out simplicity designed for cloud, ClustrixDB is not your run-of-the-mill legacy SQL database.

Download the full case study below to learn more about Twoo’s massive workload—2 Terabyte tables with seven-way joins and complex analytics—and the benefits of using a scale-out SQL database solution., on the other hand, has been able to build and grow entirely on a single scale-out ClustrixDB, enabling sophisticated application and user queries. The distributed database industry has evolved quickly over the last few years. Innovative companies now have the option of using proven, off-the-shelf database platforms that don’t require in-house database engineering—so they can keep all of their engineering talent focused on application innovation. With ClustrixDB, never had to hardcode their application for database sharding, making the core simpler and cheaper to maintain. And the customer service provided by Clustrix engineers made sure that could run their business with five-9s of availability.

"With ClustrixDB, we have not run into scaling issues anymore. As we need capacity, we just add nodes and see linear growth. We have seamlessly gone from a 3-node cluster to a 21-node cluster.”

–Nicolas Van Eenaeme, CIO of Twoo’s parent company Massive Media