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ClustrixDB provides the high-speed transactionality and interaction data needed in today's e-commerce database.

E-commerce represents the Promise of the Web. Visitors find your site, and money exchanges hands. You need targeted campaigns to help them find you, and that requires real-time analytics. Even more importantly, successful e-commerce sites load quickly, search quickly, and check-out very quickly. And whereas all your "static content" can be hosted by a CDN, checkouts cannot. Your site checkouts will live or die by the speed and robustness of your underlying e-commerce database.


E-commerce is seasonal. ClustrixDB adds additional read and write scale with each additional server. Provision only the servers you need, when you need them, and save for the rest of the year!

High Speed

ClustrixDB is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of database transactions a second. This is critical when you have thousands of customers all searching, comparing, adding-to-cart, and checking out. E-commerce database performance is critical; you don’t want your users to complain about lag.

High Connection

ClustrixDB excels at multiple simultaneous transactions, exactly what an e-commerce site must support during seasonal peaks, and especially flash sales.

Drop-In MySQL Compatibility

Chances are your e-commerce site runs on MySQL. Avoid the need to replatform to an expensively licensed database, and get the performance you need using your same MySQL application (workload), on a much faster e-commerce database than MySQL.

Longer Application Life

Better than BI: No need to export your e-commerce data to another system, and run reports which are always out of date. ClustrixDB allows you to run analytics right on your transactional data, without performance penalties.


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Is Your E-Commerce Platform Slowing You Down?

Business benefits are considerable when it comes to deploying the only scale-out, cloud database designed for e-commerce. Rather than waiting for a problem to rear its ugly head and only deal with it then, it’s better to be proactive and take the steps to avoid those kinds of dilemmas altogether. 

Flex Up and Flex Down for Seasonal Demand

As your e-commerce site grows, your hosted infrastructure will need to scale to keep up with customer demand. Your website’s database is particularly vulnerable to a move—especially if it relies on a single server, as MySQL does. Moving to another server can involve considerable downtime and as your business continues to grow, downtime becomes increasingly disruptive and expensive.

Photobox: Customer Success Story

With ClustrixDB, Photobox has been able to build a database tier that is fully fault tolerant. Any drive, node, or switch can fail and the site can remain online with no interruption. All data is maintained at multiple sites to handle a complete site failure. This, combined with Photobox’s careful planning throughout their infrastructure, makes a very robust site that drives their business.

iOffer: Customer Success Story

iOffer went in search of a system that would solve their performance issues. iOffer’s lead engineer had predicted that the need to shard would arise not too far in the future, but wanted to avoid this at all costs. After searching for an answer, iOffer was able to find ClustrixDB. The ClustrixDB deployment is considerably simpler. The cluster is self-healing and self-managing. There is no need for complex application logic to deal with read versus write databases.

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