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ClustrixDB provides the SaaS database for those who need enterprise-level performance and uptime for their MySQL workloads.

ClustrixDB handles the heavy query and uptime requirements of software-as-a-service providers. At hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, incoming customer interactions are handled smoothly with highly available database performance. ClustrixDB provides the SaaS database for providers who require a highly performant system.


As your application grows, you’ll need to add more capacity to your SaaS database as well. Depending on your user base, you can see big spikes on weekends and the holidays. ClustrixDB adds additional read and write scale with each additional server. Provision only the servers you need, when you need them, and save during the times you don’t!

High Speed

ClustrixDB is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions of database transactions a second. This is exactly what it takes to handle hundreds of thousands of customer requests: allowing you to capture, aggregate, and generate actionable reports. SaaS database performance is critical; your customers are creating dynamic campaigns, and time is money.

High Connection

ClustrixDB excels at multiple simultaneous transactions, allowing your many users low latency in their application requests.

Drop-In MySQL Compatibility

Many of the best software-as-a-service platforms are built from the ground up, and thus often they use MySQL. Avoid the need to replatform to an expensively licensed SaaS database, and get the performance you need using your same MySQL application (workload), on a much faster database than MySQL.


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Viverae: Customer Success Story

High volume SaaS application Viverae, a workplace wellness program provider, achieves effortless horizontal scale and high availability with ClustrixDB. Viverae’s testing of ClustrixDB rendered positive results, and the company decided to move its production workload from MySQL to a ClustrixDB cluster—a seamless process that required no unscheduled downtime. Then, the technology team began to move other operational environments to ClustrixDB.

How ClustrixDB RDBMS Scales Writes & Reads

Scaling out a SQL RDBMS while maintaining ACID guarantees in realtime is a very large challenge. Most scaling DBMS solutions relinquish one or many realtime transactionality requirements. ClustrixDB achieves near-linear scaling of both write and read queries with full ACID compliance, by a combination of ‘bringing the query to the data’ and automatically distributing the data across all nodes in the cluster. 

Database Scale Without Limits on AWS

The move to cloud computing is changing the face of the computer industry, and at the heart of this change is elastic computing. Modern applications now have diverse and demanding requirements that leverage the cloud to achieve scale. As demand grows, applications add new web servers and storage nodes to add capacity, but scaling your database hasn’t been as straightforward.

A New Approach to Scale-Out RDBMS

ClustrixDB is a scale-out SQL database that is designed to scale horizontally—by adding cores and servers. The shared-nothing architecture provides an entirely new approach to query resolution by moving the query to the data—not the data to the query. Learn how this revolutionary technology makes it possible to scale a single database across nodes, and still support massive concurrency while delivering high performance, full relational functionality, transactional consistency (ACID), and seamless deployment.

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