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ClustrixDB provides the social database to keep heavily trafficked social sites connected and highly available.

Social media turns the web into a place where everyone can interact, meet, learn, grow, and build relationships. As important as the look/feel and cool features of your social site, it’s even more important that it has the underlying horsepower to handle all the people searching, connecting, rating, viewing, chatting, messaging, uploading, and of course, posting. People want to share their social habits now, immediately, and won’t wait if your site slows down. You can always add more servers to host static data, but when people want to do things, to participate on your site, your social database had better be able to handle the load.


As your site grows, you’ll need to add more capacity to your social database as well. Depending on your user base, you can see big spikes on weekends and the holidays. ClustrixDB adds additional read and write scale with each additional server. Provision only the servers you need, when you need them, and save during the times you don’t!

High Speed

ClustrixDB is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions of database transactions a second. This is exactly what it takes to handle hundreds of thousands of users all wanting to update their profile, send messages to each other, and see their recommendations. Social database performance is critical; your users already like to communicate, so don’t risk them making the wrong kind of noise on social media if your site slows down.

High Connection

ClustrixDB excels at multiple simultaneous transactions, exactly what a social site needs when many people are all trying to interact on your site. The last thing you need is for users to be "unable to connect to server"; your site lives or dies by keeping people connected.

Drop-In MySQL Compatibility

Chances are your social applications run on MySQL. Avoid the need to replatform to an expensively licensed database, and get the performance you need using your same MySQL application (workload), on a much faster database than MySQL.


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A Better Way to Handle Seasonal Spikes

ClustrixDB allows you to temporarily add the additional transaction database capacity needed to handle the spike in holiday traffic, catalog updates, and traffic before the holidays begin and to remove it after the holidays are over, saving you money. With ClustrixDB, adding and removing capacity is fast and easy—and it can be done without any site hiccups.

A New Approach to
Scale-Out RDBMS

ClustrixDB's shared-nothing architecture provides an entirely new approach to scale-out RDBMS and query resolution.

The Ladders: Customer Success Story

By choosing ClustrixDB, Ladders eliminated several problems: 1) the need to shard data, 2) master database single point of failure, 3) a single box memory limit, and 4) write bottlenecks (including single-threaded MySQL replication). They were able to reduce overall development costs by increased time spent implementing higher value-added end-user functionality rather than fixing database bottlenecks. Customer Success Story

With over 30 million users, is Europe’s leading social discovery site. Twoo runs the world’s largest scale-out SQL deployment, with 4.4 billion transactions a day—without a full-time DBA. ClustrixDB has seamlessly supported the exponential growth in Twoo users and new application features, with it scale-out simplicity designed for the cloud.

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