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Why “Durable by Network” Isn’t Truly Durable

Clustrix Webinar: Durable by Network What is durability? Why does durability matter? Watch this lightning talk on durability and the vulnerabilities you expose your business to if your application is not durable. This talk was inspired by the breakout session “Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora” at AWS re:Invent. We were surprised […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Will You Be Making Green or Seeing Red?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can cause big trouble for Amazon and other online retailers. With 80% of an e-commerce site’s revenue captured during the 2-3 month holiday season, database admins and system architects are scrambling to prepare for potential failures, overloads, and outages. Amazon Prime Day, for two consecutive […]

Database Architecture and Scaling Strategies, In the Cloud & on the Rack

 Clustrix Webinar In this webinar, Robbie Mihayli, VP of Engineering at Clustrix, explores how to set up a SQL RDBMS architecture that scales out and is both elastic and consistent while simultaneously delivering fault tolerance and ACID compliance. He also covers how data gets distributed in this architecture, how the query […]

Webinar: The Fastest Relational Database on AWS

    Clustrix Webinar   Do you have a high-value, high-throughput application running on AWS? Are you moving part or all of your infrastructure to AWS? Do you have a high-transaction workload that is only expected to grow as your company grows? Choosing the right database for your move to […]

Beyond Aurora: Scale-out SQL Databases for AWS

  Clustrix Webinar As enterprises move to AWS, they have great choices for MySQL compatible databases. Knowing the best database for the specific job can save you time and money. In this webinar, Lokesh Khosla will discuss high-performance databases for AWS and share his findings based on a benchmark test that […]